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Melodie Le Siege

VTV Producer | Videographer | Editor | Reporter

Melodie is a passionate communications professional with a background in multi-media and video editing. After graduating from Concordia University in Communication Studies and Computation Arts, she began working in marketing and freelancing as a videographer and video editing. Creatively, Melodie is interested social issues such as diversity, sustainability, health and animal welfare. She’s very passionate about travel and vegetarian cuisine, which prompted her to launch her passion project, a food blog called MTL VEG. When Melodie isn’t sitting behind a computer screen, she can be found rock climbing, practicing yoga, or entertaining friends. Melodie discovered a strong interest and excitement about teaching and education after working at Concordia University for a few years with students in the Communications Studies program, thus joining Vanier College seemed like a natural transition. She believes strongly in the importance of effective communication and the role VTV has to play in facilitating the college experience for students.


Brandon Calder

VTV Producer | Videographer | Editor | Reporter

Brandon is a communications graduate from Vanier College. After graduating, he made his way to Concordia where he studied in sociology. While there, he reconnected with a former high-school friend whom at the time was in the process of creating a sketch comedy group. Utilizing his skills in directing, writing and a little bit of acting (which he learned from Vanier), Brandon joined the group and became the 3rd and final member of Moving Mind Studio. Today the group’s YouTube views are over 8 million and subscribers over 26,000. Brandon has also been working on his own solo projects, last year he raised around $7,000 to shoot his first short film that is nearing completion. When he isn’t busy writing or directing, Brandon can be found in the studio making music. He is excited to bring what he has learned in video production and digital marketing to VTV and help it grow to its full potential!

Student Members

 JonathanJonathan Cyga

Lead Videographer | Editor 

Jonathan Cyga is an eager first year student in Computerized Systems Technology. He is a self-taught videographer who began creating videos on windows moviemaker over 6 years ago. Jonathan is also very interested in photography, gaming, programming and pretty much anything that has to do with technology. Besides his techy side, Jonathan also loves to dress to impress and claims he would wear a suit everyday if he could.


Massimo Triassi

VFX | Video Editor | Videographer | Reporter

Massimo Triassi is a Computer Science and Technology student. He went to high school in Laval, at Laurier Senior High School. He’s always been a wizard of the technological age. He learned to browse the internet before he could even run! He even organized and set up an FM radio station at his High School. After that, his love of computers and technology was something he couldn’t escape. He is all about going past what limitations are set for him. As a kid and through out his youth he was captivated by action and superhero movies. This lead to his appreciation for Video Effects. As a result he likes to make cheesy action films with his friends that have lots of special FX. His function at VTV is to make already cool projects awesome! He loves doing VFX and editing, but likes to think that he is versatile enough to do just about anything. Massimo is usually game for just about anything you throw at him as long as he can learn something from it. While his interests change all the time, one thing doesn’t; his drive to make incredible things happen when they seem almost impossible.


Jessica Corlett

Reporter | Actor | Talk show host

Jessica is an outspoken and caring second year social science student at Vanier. She enjoys catching up with friends over coffee and loves to travel on her own. Aside from working two jobs, Jessica volunteers outside of school and is involved in several different events around Vanier like the Public Speaking Competition and the Open House. Jessica strongly believes that getting involved and trying new things leads to a heightened sense of community at Vanier.


Jamie Lewis Mella

Reporter | Actor | Talk show host

Description coming soon.





Wala Amara

Sports Reporter

Wala is a writer for VCSA Insider and second year Sports & Leisure student at Vanier College. Wala is a sports fanatic , She has a huge passion for multi sports like Basketball, Baseball, American Football and other sports. The moment she started studying about sports she realised that its her biggest passion. Wala sees sports as not only a game but a way of life that affects individuals all around the world in many different ways. Wala is also very into social justice and public speaking and expression. She encourages every person to discover themselves and try to learn new thing every day because the human mind is unlimited!




Issa Ammari

Reporter | Actor | Talk show host

Issa Ammari is a dedicated and passionate first year student at Vanier College studying in Honors Science. He is involved in many things on campus, such as the VCSA, VTV, Social Justice Committee, Sustainability Committee, Communications Committee, tutoring, and the list continues. Issa loves to be on camera and the camera loves him! Always outspoken, opinionated, entertaining and brings something unique to table. If you did not know, he also has his own YouTube channel ! ~Hakuna Matata


Gillian Kinnear

Reporter | Actor | Videographer

Gillian Kinnear is a first year Communications student. In high school, Gillian was a yearbook editor and through that she discovered her passion of photography, collage and editing. She is also interested in video making and editing, scriptwriting, reporting and acting. In her free time, Gillian is very active and loves to swim, dance and ski. She has also taken an interest in baking and enjoys preparing cakes for special occasions!

FrancisFrancis Joseph

Reporter | Actor

Description coming soon.

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